7Sense AGRITECH / Storage monitoring
Reduce your Post Harvest Food Loss

Control your cold storage, greenhouse and tunnels

7Sense deliver a rugged, flexible and wireless system for surveillance and monitoring of temperature, relative humidity and CO2. We give you absolute control over e.g. storage rooms, fridges, green-houses, tunnels and chicken-farm.

Place and mount the wireless sensors wherever you want. Inside the biomass, on the floor, under the ceiling, on the wall - indoor or outdoor. You decide!

Whenever a predefined limit is broken, the system will generate an alarm. E.g. if the fridge temperature is too low or if the potato storage is too warm. There is a vast number of alternatives and advantages!

Always at hand - the user portal will provide all you need to know. Available on mobile, tablet or pc.

Rugged and waterproof Made for farmers
Made for farmers

Wireless technology with long reach
Rugged and waterproof
24/7 surveillance with alarms and alerts
Modular design, ability to include several sensor types
Unlimited number of sensors can be connected
Complete user portal, with documentation
Developed and produced in Norway

« The system is becoming increasingly vital the more I use it »
Tom Brauter / Norwegian potato farmer
Check out Linnes Farms' use of sensors to save crop and boost profits
Check out Linnes Farms' use of sensors to save crop and boost profits