New resource: Kristin Kofoed

Published: 31.01.2023

We are pleased to welcome Kristin Kofoed to 7Sense. She joins us as a front-end developer and will contribute to the next generation Irrigation Sensor.


After working in a technology field related to health care for a considerable amount of time, Kristin is now a third-year student at the University of Souith-East Norway (USN) studying IT and information systems. She is very eager to learn new skills and get fully immersed in cutting-edge technology. She took an Internet of Things course throughout her studies, which sparked a deep interest in sensor technologies. As a result of this, Kristin is now working on front-end programming and testing of IoT capabilities during her current internship at 7Sense.

Kristin is originally from Trondheim, but has lived in Vestfold since 1993.