From the field to the office

Published: 10.04.2024

We are proud to introduce Kristian Løwe, our newest addition to the team. Kristian is a farmer bringing with him extensive experience in both agriculture and technology, and has joined us in the role of Manager of digital platforms and systems.

"When Max called me before Christmas and said, 'You've been our most challenging customer for several years now, wouldn't you like to be challenging on the inside instead?' it was easy to say yes," says Kristian with a smile.

Five years ago, Kristian took over the operation of the family farm by the Numedalslågen river in Larvik after his father. The production mainly consists of cultivating carrots and potatoes, and they have a contract for around 700 tons every year, making them highly dependent on stable growth. Therefore, they irrigate every season.

In an industry that demands constant care and attention, Kristian and his family have seen great value in using new technology to support their operation. The farm was among the first to use irrigation sensors from 7Sense, and over the years, they have provided us with valuable feedback that has contributed to improving the product over time.

The farm has two hose reels that run throughout the season, and the sensors have provided a whole new sense of security and comfort in everyday life. "The most important difference for me is actually better sleep at night," says Kristian. "I can actually go to bed in the evening and know with relatively great certainty that I will be awakened if something happens."

With his experience and passion for technology and agriculture, Kristian is eager to continue improving our products and services. By combining his work on the farm with his new role with us, he will be able to share experiences and best practices from both sides of the spectrum, becoming a fantastic resource for 7Sense.

We warmly welcome Kristian to the team and look forward to shaping the future together.