New employee: Erlend Isachsen

Published: 14.06.2021

We are pleased to welcome Erlend Isachsen to 7Sense. Erlend comes with a brand new masters degree in nano technology and nano electronics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Erlend's master theses was devoted to simulation of electromagnetic response in semi-metals. Further, the study has brought him deep knowledge within both mathematics and physics, with emphasis on semiconductor-, solid state and wave physics.
Combined with subjects within analog and digital PCB design Erlend has developed a deep understanding of electronics development, from the underlying physical processes all the way to challenges related to implementation.
He has also taken courses within electromagnetism, wave propagation and object-oriented programming (C++).

Erlend is born and raised in Horten, and has recently moved back to the city together with his wife.